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Vac-U-Groomer System attached to your clipper, removes clipped hair.

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Stop!... Don't spend hundreds or thousands of dollars! Now everyone can afford the health & comfort giving advantages of a vacuum clipper attachment.

Enjoy all of these Benefits!
• You save money - Total system only $89.95.
Compare...why pay more?

  •  Nothing to wear out- quality product- made in USA. Light sturdy aluminum construction same as modern aircraft. No flimsy plastic to break or create static electricity which causes the hair to cling and clog. Wire re-enforced flexible exhaust hose & molded end fittings built to last. That's PSDG quality. 
  •  Easier to clip - No objectionable projecting hose attachment to obscure your view. This makes belly and facial area clipping easier. You do not have to change the way you grip your clipper as some other systems force you to do. Better clipper balance helps avoids hand strain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  •  Helps keep blades sharp - Saves money by reducing blade temperature. Overheating creates more friction of blade parts causing wear , and increases the chance of clipper burn. Constant draft created by Vac-U-Groomer™ as it exhausts the clipped hair, cools the blades, reduces friction and the chance of clipper burn.
  •  You save even more - Cooler running clippers require less maintenance, and the exhaust draws in the free flying hair that frequently clogs the rear end of your clipper. Saves time and repair costs. Less need for coolant sprays too.

Most Important Point...
• You stay healthier with Vac-U-Groomer™! - Bacteria, yeast spores, worm eggs, fleas, mites, lice, pollen, molds, tiny deer ticks and allergy producing animal dander are sucked into the Vac-U-Groomer™ right into your own shop vacuum. No chance to pollute your breathing space. You breath easier and healthier. Virtually eliminates flying hair that may irritate and infect your eyes too! Now inexpensively, you can eliminate these health hazards!

 • Easy installation - Just attach the Vac-U-Groomer™ hand piece to your Oster, Laube or similar type clipper with the two screws provided, connect the Vac hose to your tank type vacuum (inexpensively available at Sears, Home Depot or Hechinger's) with the supplied adapter and you're ready to groom safer, cleaner, healthier and easier!