Clippin’ Sling Miniature Poodles, Schnauzers and Shih Tzu 8” C-C



Clippin’ Sling Miniature Poodles, Schnauzers,  and Shih Tzu 8” C-

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Clippin' Sling takes the frustration out of grooming by allowing dogs to relax comfortably in a near-weightless hammock while you groom their faces, legs, feet and more with ease and total control. Dogs no longer need to balance on three legs while shaving, nail cutting, polishing and scissor styling leg poms and more. No chance of falling either, so even the most difficult dogs can be left unattended with no risk of injury. Barkers become quiet, fighters calm down and anxious dogs are soothed and often doze off. You'll work better, faster and easier!

How to measure for Clippin’Slings™
Clippin’ Slings are sized based on Center to Center measurement between the Front left FOOT toes (not shoulder) and the rear left FOOT toes(not the hip). There is a 1”-2” leeway on stated sizes. Select the closest to your measurement. Accurate measurement = BEST fit.

Optional Clippin Sling Suspension Kit
Each Clippin ’Sling™ order includes an instruction sheet for ceiling suspension installation, & a minimal suspension materials list, available at your local hardware store. We offer this optional proper size & strength suspension materials set as a convenience.

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