How To Make BIG MONEY Grooming Small Dogs

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"I highly recommend it! The thorough easy to understand text and uniquely detailed illustrations make Mr. Whitman's book required reading for the aspiring pet groomer as well as those wishing to maintain their own pet!"
-- Jeffrey L. Reynolds, Executive Director National Dog Groomers Association of America

"One of the TOP 25 pet products of the year". -–The Original  GROOM & BOARD magazine

"A wonderful book for anyone who wants to learn to groom dogs" -- Rich Sporing, District Sales Manager Oster/Sunbeam Corporation Professional Clipper Manufacturer

"I THINK THIS BOOK IS EXCELLENT! It is practical, comprehensive, and easy to understand and follow."
-Elaine Skypala, director of operations, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals.

“I just wanted to tell how informative I found this book. It is truly a must have for anyone considering the grooming business." --Renee Gee, Willow brook Kennels & Grooming. Clarksville, TN 37042

"I find it to be quite informative and would personally recommend it!"
--Hazel Christianson, Blue Ribbon Pet Grooming, noted Grooming seminar leader, trainer & shop owner

"One of the TOP 500 most interesting and unique products in America"
 --National Mail Order Association

"...has been added to the Veterinary resource library" 
Carole Puchinski College Librarian, Harcum College, Bryn Mawr

By customer  Arnold Jackson
Format: Hardcover

"I am usually skeptical of books that make big promises, but "How to Make Big Money Grooming Small Dogs" is a winner. I've always wanted to be a groomer, but couldn't afford the cost of a grooming school. Well I'm here to tell you that this book is all you need. Nine months ago I couldn't even hold a clipper, and now I have my own profitable Mobil grooming business!
This book is clearly written, beautifully illustrated, and easy to follow. Best of all, the author generously reveals numerous trade secrets and sources of unique equipment to save you time and money. I highly recommend this excellent "how to" guide to current and would-be groomers alike. If you ever thought of going into the dog grooming business, this book is the ticket!"

"This book enabled me to get a job in Dog Grooming."
By c
ustomer Judy McGlaughlin Moscow, PA USA
Format: Hardcover

"My interest in learning Dog Grooming has been with me most of my life, but being a single mother it was an impossible dream to go away to school to learn it. By my purchasing this book, and studying it, and purchasing an inexpensive clipper, and practicing on my own toy poodle it was enough to give me the confidence to apply for a groomer trainee position at a local kennel/grooming shop. They are putting me on payroll, on a part time basis for now. Anyway, the purpose of my writing this is to tell you that without this book I know I would never had gotten this far. I can never thank the author enough. This book is EXCELLENT! It covers every topic!"

By customer Marietta Nel, Somerset West, South Africa
Format: Hardcover

"This Book is absolutely riveting! "How To Make Big Money Grooming Small Dogs!" lies next to my bed at night, and before I doze off I read another interesting chapter. I have really learned a lot about styling Poodle faces, and my friends have commented on how lovely my dogs look. I have followed the procedures and details step by step. I'm not ready for a dog show yet, but my doggies are the best on the block. Thanks to the author, for a fascinating, well illustrated, practical book."

…”I found it just what I needed to get started grooming my own pet”
By Leanore Green on May 20, 2016
Format: Softcover

"Great for anyone who wants a home study education in dog grooming and canine styling. I ordered this book from the publisher,... because I wanted an absolutely new,(unread in someone's bathroom) copy, I figure it's worth the few extra dollars to get a clean, sanitary book that I will be handling and placed in my library for future reference . Jeffery Reynolds quote, as the executive director of The National Dog Groomers Association of America says it better than I can. " The thorough , easy to understand text and detailed illustrations makes Mr. Whitman’s guide book required reading for the aspiring pet groomer as well as those who wish to maintain their own pet. as an amateur. I started with my own ,and  have now  have graduated to servicing my friends and neighbors pets as well."


From the Author

Make Big Money Grooming Small Dogs! (And be your own boss too) In fact it IS easier than most people think! That's why the detailed methods & procedures of the craft have been kept secret & exclusive for so long. Now, you can always have a dollar in your pocket, get paid cash money every time you provide a service that you will enjoy & will be proud to do! Those without your knowledge and skills will be envious of your newly found talent & ability. You will be able to do with their dogs what they themselves cannot. And they will gladly pay you, and thank you for doing it. You can cover your expenses, and afford to make purchases for the joys & necessities of life ... when you feel like it. Work at home if you like or in a shop of your own. Or as a "home groomer" in your clients home. Or you may choose a grooming salon, kennel, or veterinary hospital, where your services will be in demand & well paid for. You know, at one time women did their own hair, & then beauty shops took over the job. Auto owners used to wash the family car & now it's done quickly and easier letting professionals do it. And so it is with Canine styling & Grooming. It's here to stay, a lucrative respected craft with potential & big rewards... and now you can have your share. You can gain security & learn the joy of self-employment, believe it! Thousands of my students have benefited from what I discovered by devising new methods to safely control pet canines; and safely & quickly produce a quality job in a minimum amount of time ...and get well paid for it!

Your future money worries can be a thing of the past. Unbelievable? Well, just look in your yellow pages and see all those ads under "Pet Grooming". A business can't afford to advertise month after month if it's not profitable. And just look at how many there are! And with pet ownership increasing at the rate of 15% each year it's no wonder. Someone must keep them well-groomed and could be YOU!!! 

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